Improve merchandising execution starting with better in-store visibility

It's difficult to improve on that which you cannot see. If you do not know where your displays were missing, how can you improve your display execution? If you do not know which part of the store your display are getting set up, how can you ensure your display is creating a compelling point of interruption?

That's where Quri Category Zoom can help.

As category managers, you are the go-to experts for all things category-related. You know category buy rates, brand loyalties, switching rates. But what about display execution for the category or brand display share?

Sparkling water is growing 3X as fast as still water, and has a higher lift when on display.

Using the Category Zoom portal, you have noticed that during the previous week, Still Water on average got 2.3 displays per store, where sparkling only had 0.8 per store.

You can use this information to suggest to the buyer to put more sparkling displays up to help grow the entire water category.

Imagine having photos and data from hundreds of Walmart stores to help you fully explain the "what just happened" in-store.

With Quri's Category Zoom you can:

  • Monitor your promotion compliance and ensure you're getting the execution you expect
  • Understand your share of display within the category and which competitors may be stealing your display share
  • Have an unbiased data source and tool to have more productive conversations with your buyer around display execution

The latest promotion for your brand's potato chips didn’t go as well as expected.

You go into the portal and view brand presence to investigate what happened in the potato chips subcategory the week of your promotion.

You were expecting closer to 70%, so now you can drill in to see if there was a problem with a certain region.

Now you can prepare for your conversation with your buyers in the North.

Look into who might be stealing the category by investigating brand share.

Learn more about the quality of the displays that were executed.

Export photos and charts to make a case to your buyer about getting your displays in a better location.

Save time by visiting only the stores where opportunities exist and know what needs to be done beforehand. Free up time from performing the "administrative" part of the store visit, so that you can spend time selling more product.

You have promotions running on 3 brands for this week and expect all to have 80% display presence. These 3 displays are top priority.

Looking at brand presence, you discover that 2 out of the 3 brands on average have over 80% display presence and one display presence is very low.

Viewing the store list, you can quickly view where propel displays were not found.

Download that list and share the photos to let your team know which stores they need to visit in the next 1-2 days.

Try Category Zoom for 60 days free and get access to thousands of store-level photos and data points at the touch of a click.

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Access the Category Zoom portal anytime, anywhere
Quickly download charts and store photos for sharing and presentations
Export the data you need to layer on to other causal data for a more complete picture
Leverage weekly webinars and office hours to better understand how to apply the data to your business