Quri Category Zoom

At the category level, the fastest and most complete view of how in-store merchandising was executed so that you have the clarity to fully explain sales performance, identify poor performing segments, and negotiate smarter with your buyer.

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01 Quickly identify poor performing segments

Get an up-to-date, weekly view of merchandising performance with Quri Category Zoom. Instead of waiting 4-5 weeks after your promotion has gone live to see how your display was executed, get all the details the Monday after. Access the dashboard to see performance across brands, subcategories, and retailers. With the matrix view, it becomes easy spot underperforming areas in your business.

02 Answer "what just happened"

Fill in the gaps to "what just happened" with the complete details of how your display was executed. Understand share of location, vehicle, assortment, and execution gap to competition can impact the success of your promotion. With a complete picture of in-store execution, you can now fully explain the drivers behind the sales results you see.


03 Align on a system of record for in-store merchandising

Have more productive communication within your entire retail ecosystem with a common in-store merchandising language. Utilizing a set of standardized and quantified metrics, retailers and manufacturers can get to a deeper, shared understanding of in-store conditions and collaborate to improve merchandising. When we all speak the same in-store merchandising language, we all win.